Uttar Pradesh: Cops drag thief down a hospital corridor in Moradabad, suspended


Two policemen in Uttar Pradesh were suspended after they were seen dragging a man accused of theft in the hospital corridors, reported news agency ANI. The suspect was brought for a medical examination in a hospital in Moradabad district where the policemen dragged him down the corridor for his alleged “non-cooperation”.

“They (the police) said the thief was not cooperating and was faking to escape the situation. Still, we have suspended them for the action,” Moradabad SP Ankit Mittal told ANI.

The incident comes days after the Uttar Pradesh Police was under fire for allegedly allowing a mob to drag a cattle trader, who was beaten to death in Hapur. A picture of the mob dragging the trader in presence of three policemen went viral on social media. The policemen were suspended and the state police issued an apology.

“We apologise for the insensitive manner in which the victim was handled by our policemen. All the three policemen seen in the picture have been transferred to police lines and an inquiry has been ordered in the incident. This picture seems to have been taken when the police had reached the spot to shift the injured to a police vehicle and because of non-availability of an ambulance at that moment, the victim was unfortunately carried this way. Admittedly the policemen should have been more sensitive in their conduct. The humane concerns got ignored in the urgency of saving a life and maintaining law and order. As is clear from other pictures, the victim was rushed to the hospital in a UP100 PRV,” read a statement by UP DGP headquarters which was also uploaded on Twitter.


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