Things to keep in mind before you start practising yoga


Yoga is an art which focuses on syncing mind and body. It is a spiritual discipline which is based on subtle science. By practising yoga, one can bring harmony in life by keeping diseases at bay. While there are vigorous forms of yoga, there are also yogas which are slow-paced. Yoga has something for everyone, so it doesn’t matter which yoga you chose, benefits remain the same.

Yoga enhances the life quality, however, results are not visible in a day. It takes months to bring out positive results of the practice. There are numerous benefits of yoga. From reducing stress to improved posture and ideal weight, the ancient form of exercise also brings clarity of thoughts and inner happiness. So, here’s a look at important points which you should keep in mind before you kick-start your yoga practice.

Wear right outfits and accessories

You always invest in right casual and party outfits, so why not for yoga as well. To allow easy and comfortable body movements, one should wear body-hugging clothes that are also stretchable. As yoga postures will require you to bend, hence wearing tight clothes are necessary. This will save you from embarrassing situations. You also need a good yoga mat but initially, it is advisable to use a cheap mat.

Eating time

There should be a gap of 3-4 hours between your meal and workout. Practising yoga on a full stomach will make you uncomfortable.

Say goodbye to your smartphone

Practising yoga requires being calm and relaxed. Your mind should be active and hence, you need to dump your phone for that period. Messages and calls on your smartphone will distract you, thus, neutralizing the positive effects of yoga.


Take time to relax

We all have hectic scheduled due to which most of the time we remain stressed. We have forgotten the importance of relaxation. Yoga releases trapped stress and helps to relax. Even if you want break during a session, go ahead and do Balasana.


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