Agra man live streams his suicide on Facebook as friends watch in horror


Depressed over inability to be recruited in Indian Army, an Agra man committed suicide as his friends and family watched in horror on Facebook live stream.

According to reports, several friends tried to avert suicide through persuasion and other means but in vain. “Aggrieved for not being eligible for Army recruitment as he had passed maximum age requirement, Munna a youth from Agra live streamed his suicide on Facebook, with a number of people viewing it live, ANI reported. The police have sent his body for the postmortem.

According to reports, Munna Kumar had been depressed about not being able to join the army for some time. He had been trying to clear the entrance test for the military since age 17 but had not been successful. He was worried about exceeding the age limit.

Depressed, he decided to end his life. When everyone at his home had gone to sleep on Tuesday night, he began a live broadcast on Facebook and hanged himself.

A two-page note from Munna was found in which he detailed his struggle and apologised to his parents. At the end of it, he wrote “Jai Hind”.

Munna’s family members are devastated at his death.

-(With inputs from ANI)


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