5 stand-out beauty trends that will rule in 2019


As the next year is inching closer, strengthen your brow game, opt for natural make-up and glossy nude and pastel nails as these beauty looks will take over in 2019. Today, we brought you a list of top five beauty trends you should watch out for in the year 2019.

Body scrub is evergreen :

One skin care trend that is gaining considerable traction, is of body scrubs. Apart from the obvious fragrance that pulls women to these scrubs, have proven results in moisturising the skin and keeping it healthy and soft. From multiple essential oils to new entrants with coffee – these body scrubs are here and they intend to stay. Also, let’s not forget our faces. Use a face scrub that can exfoliate, polish and moisturise your skin in an effortless fashion leaving you with glowing skin.

From floral to rusty fragrances :

Women seem to be turning to fresh and rusty fragrances instead of the usual floral ones. Escape to the Amazonian rain forests -luscious green notes, wet soil, the sweet fragrance of flowers -just consumed by nature. The upcoming year will witness a lot of women who will be smelling like a fresh summer’s day.

So, be prepared to see women following unusual yet amazing beauty trends in the upcoming year!


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