5 Gorgeous Indian Hill Stations You Miss Out On Every Summer


1. Coonoor


Where: Tamil Nadu

Said to be the quieter of the three Nilgiri hill stations, Coonoor is one of the most beautiful destinations in the country; albeit lesser travelled to. That’s what makes it worth getting away to. The trekking paths that lead outside of Coonoor are great for the adventure-seeker. While the nature junkie can always count on the botanical gardens, tea and coffee plantations to get lost in.

2. Haflong

Where: Assam

The quaint little getaway is the only hill station in Assam and is a drive up from Guwahati. It’s known to be home to as many as 2 lakh floral varieties and is said to be synonymous with true Assamese tribal culture, great food and the warmth of the locals. Haflong lake, Maibong and Jatinga Village are great tourist sites to visit while you’re there.

3. Chikhaldara

Where: Maharashtra

One of the lesser popular hill stations in the state, Chikhaldara can be reached by train from Akola. Once there, you can sense the serenity all around you as you’re nestled away from the hustle of the city life. Visit the tiger sanctuary, Kitchakdari and Shakkar lakes, as well as Gawilghur Fort.

4. Ponmudi

Where: Kerala

Ponmodi in Kerala is home to acres of tea gardens, national parks and rivers. But, the best part about this hill station that is easily accessible from Kochi, is the chance to view the perfect sun rise from the hill tops. The scenery around and the fact that you’re mostly cut off from mainstream human civilisation makes you feel like you’re the only person in paradise!

5. Tawang

Where: Arunachal Pradesh

Located at a height of approximately 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang lies right in the middle of Bhutan and Tibet. You feel like you’re one with God and the Universe in this quaint little hill station which beautifully captures a mix of Buddhist and northeastern culture. The Tawang Monastery is a must visit. And for the adventure enthusiast, Tawang promises to be a great site for paragliding, rock-climbing and trekking.



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