5 beauty habits to keep your skin healthy and glowing


To have a healthy and glowing skin, a woman tries every best possible mask, daily routine ritual, or even spending thousands on beauty sessions. But in the process of getting your desired skin, something is still missing.

So, in order to catch up with your dream of having a smooth skin, you need to opt the following 5 healthy beauty habits now!

1. Minimal use of make-up – I know, this can be difficult for any woman who swears by her make-up palette. But this one habit of wearing less make-up can keep your skin healthy in the long-run as you are allowing your skin pores to breathe. Stick to make-free days at least once in a while for better skin.

2. Keeping your hands clean – This is one common mistake made by lot of women! Cleaning and washing your hands before applying makeup is the most important thing to prevent your skin from acne.

Tip: Use sanitizer or make-up tools in case you feel lazy to wash your dirty fingers before applying make-up.

3. Moisturizing your skin – A good moisturizer should be the base product on your skin. Whether you apply make-up or not, your skin should never run out of moisture to avoid cracky-face.

4. Using clean make-up equipment – Using and re-using the same makeup brushes, beauty blender and other tools can cause skin irritation. This is one thing you need to stop doing and should wash your brushes once in a week to avoid any skin allergy.

5. Removing make-up every night – To have a flawless skin, it is important that you keep your face clean throughout the day and night. Sleeping with your make-up on at night can really harm your skin and result in breakouts.


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