2 months after it collapsed, this bridge in Gujarat is still helping children reach school


We have already heard a lot of stories of children traveling miles to reach to their schools in rural India, but what if you get to know how a bridge in Gujarat, existing in a collapsed state, is still helping the students to reach to their schools? The students there are risking their lives by crossing this bridge to avoid delay to reach their schools.

Recently, a video has come up on the twitter handle of ANI where elders are seen swinging little kids to help them cross the bridge with the help of canal safely.

As this is spreading on social media, many users on Twitter have cursed the ‘Vikas’ (the development), while some are just shocked to see the dangers of this stunt.

The broken bridge in Kheda district, Gujarat, is causing major troubles for the locals and has not been repaired ever since it broke down. For the past two months, locals have been petitioning the authorities in the state to construct a bridge that will connect Naika and Bherai villages, but still, they have to go through this.

Why do they need to cross the bridge anyway?

According to locals of the area, if they don’t use this bridge, they will have to travel a distance of 10 km instead of 1 km, as per the report.

So, to avoid the delay, they risk their lives by swinging in the air and jumping on the bridge.

However, here’s what the collector of Kheda district shared with ANI

Kheda collector IK Patel has assured the locals that the construction work will be resumed soon.

He said:

The construction work will be resumed immediately. Only due to rain the work of the bridge has not begun.

With this shocking report, it has put a big question mark on the nation, especially the Gujarat state: How developed are we?


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